Plant high value products

Introduction. Plant cells, tissues and whole plants can be modified to harness endogenous metabolic pathways and the protein biosynthesis machinery, allowing the production of high-value metabolites [1] and recombinant proteins, the latter process often described as molecular farming [2 ].Cited by: SAMAC begins production of high-value products at Jubail plants The MMA plant has a ,metric-tonne annual capacity, while the PMMA plant has an annual capacity of 40, metric tonnes. There are all sorts of value-added products and actions, but usually, when it comes to organic farms or organic retail, they're clumped together as "value-added products" or "value-added crops." The term "value-added" in the organic farming industry is synonymous with: niche market crops, specialty crops, value-added crops, value-added agriculture, value-added processing, and adding Jennifer Chait.

Plant high value products

Sep 07,  · The three main components of non-edible plant matter can now be turned into high-value products in economically favorable yields. Using the concept of an integrated biorefinery, researchers showed Author: Science X Staff. The by-products resulting from olive oil extraction are the vegetation water, also called black water or vegetable water, and the olive husk including skins and stones. Depending on the processing conditions, 50– kg of water result from kg of olives (Vitolo, Petarca, & Bresci, ).Cited by: Oct 11,  · High Value Plant Products – From discovery to final product Plant natural products have been utilised by human civilisation for millennia, providing vital medicines .

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The Most Profitable Farm Products to Grow in the Philippines, time: 3:15
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