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Disfiguring the Goddess Releases ANOTHER New Album, Black Earth Child written by Jimmy Rowe on December 10, This is probably the biggest mindfuck I’ve encountered in the metal community all year: Cameron Argon has been hyping his new Disfiguring the Goddess release Deprive, which sees release today (review here!). Hello all. Announcement for the page. I would like to officially state that I have started working once again with the mighty Strong HQ Management. If you're unaware, Strong and myself put together Sleeper, Deprive, and Black Earth Child. Together we will resume the guttural devastation & brutal sound project known as Disfiguring The Goddess. HENKER - NEW SONGS {PRE MIX}() MYSPACE Death Metal/ Hardcore/Technical Death France, Val D'Oise (95) 01 Slave Of My Art 02 The End Of The Road.

Disfiguring the goddess blogspot

Disfiguring The Goddess. Minden, Nevada. Disfiguring The Goddess started in Minden, Nevada. Disfiguring the Goddess have never performed live. A non-album track by Disfiguring the Goddess called "I Declare Goddess" was released in ; it features I Declare War's then-vocalist Jonathan Huber. Compilation Appearances: "Teeth of Emulation". Disfiguring the Goddess - Sleeper () Solo US slam-death. Gutturals, synthetic-sounding guitars, tight, tech-y drumming, and arpeggiating synths, all wrapped up in a ridiculously heavy production job that points towards dude's other gig as a dubstep rouwverzen.net: DEAR_SPIRIT.

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Disfiguring the Goddess - Circle of Nine (FULL ALBUM // HD // CLEAR QUALITY), time: 29:49
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