Attachments iphone mail server

We have an on premise Exchange server. When sending email with large attachments from ActiveSync accounts on IOS devices, the email gets stuck in the outbox and won't send. It keeps trying to resend and can cause our users to blow their data allowance and start costing hundreds in data fees. Not many users realize that adding attachments to Emails on iPhone or iPad can be just as easy as doing it on a Mac or Windows computer. In this article, you will find the steps to add email attachments on iPhone or iPad, using a variety of Cloud Storage services. Add Attachments to Email on iPhone. Feb 05,  · Question: Q: iPhone - Unable To Forward Emails via ActiveSync - "Cannot send mail; The message was rejected by the server." I am troubleshooting an issue for one of our users where they are unable to forward certain emails from their iPhone.

Attachments iphone mail server

ERROR: "Cannot Send Mail - The message was rejected by the server because it is too large." When trying to send attachments from an iPhone Unable to send attachments or large emails from iPhone Can't send attachments or large emails from iPhone. Resolution. On the Airwatch server, please follow the steps below. Some iOS 9 users are having issues with attachments and POP email accounts. If this is the case, the customer will need to check the settings of all the devices and computers that are running this email account. iOS leaves messages on the POP3 server by default. iOS never stores email permanently, whether POP3 or IMAP. If they are removed from the server by another device then this issue can . IPhone receives Hi. A user receives attachment when sending an email containing a PDF attachment to herself from Outlook Outlook is set to send emails as HTML. If she transfers an email already containing a PDF file the received email on the iphone correctly contains the PDF attachment.

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