Icwai financial accounting books

a) Construction companies,Project Accounting b) Service sector such as Software, ITES, Telecommunication, Entertainment, Hospital, educational institutions c) Banking, Electricity and Insurance companiesAuthor: Kumar Nirmal Prasad. Dec 10,  · Following are the top suggested books of CMA Inter. Given list has suggested by Previous ICWAI faculty and CMA Inter Toppers. Always, ICMAI Official Study Materials are best books to prepare CMA Inter Exam. Other than, ICWAI / ICMAI Study Material following authors and books are best to prepare exams: Paper 5: Financial Accounting. Hanif and. Syllabus of the paper financial accounting in group I for the CWA/ICWA intermediate examination. List of recommended and other books for reading and reference.

Icwai financial accounting books

Refer to ICWA books at Amazon. Owing to the toughness of the course there is a good demand for students pursuing this course in a whole variety of fields like banking, finance, government and many others. Few jobs which are prevalent in this field are Chief Auditor, Accountant, Finance Manager, Financial Controller etc. B. Auditing (50 Marks) • Major influences of auditing; nature and scope of auditing; basic concepts of auditing; role of evidence in auditing; auditing techniques and practices – generally accepted auditing standards; the concept of materiality in auditing. • Fixed assets, investments, inventories, debtors, loans . ICWAI Website (Download Study Material / Compendium) Click to download: Intermediate Course: Financial Accounting Commercial and Industrial Laws and Auditing Applied Direct Taxation Cost & Management Accounting Financial Accounting (Study Material) Pdf ( MB).

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10 Best Accounting Textbooks 2017, time: 4:39
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