Ewr wwe for pc

I'm still an avid player of Extreme Warfare Revenge. This is because I blend it with the WWE games to keep it interesting. I book the matches and. Jan 20,  · [EWR Diary] The New Blood of the WWE- RAW Preview up (Requesting Closure) - Sep 8, 07 Guillotine's EWR Diary - WWE - Road To Wrestlemania - Jan 14, 05 EWR Diary: WWE. Extreme Warfare Revenge. Extreme Warfare Revenge (EWR) was released on June 15, Now programmed in Visual Basic, the series now took a Windows style interface. One of the most significant changes this game took to the series was the fact that everything on a .

Ewr wwe for pc

Feb 04,  · Extreme Warfare Revenge is a text based wrestling based simulation game designed to have a massive amount of depth for a text based game. You start off by selecting a federation such as the WWE, ROH, etc. Your overall role in EWR is to hire 5/5(20). EWR is a wrestling is a booking simulator in which you take over a wrestling company as the everydAuthor: Trueprinceofpro. Aug 21,  · Let's Play Extreme Warfare Revenge Ep. 1 - Wrestling Booking Sim EWR Tutorial: 2 Let's Play EWR - WWE - Week 1 - The New Brand Split!

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EWR [Extreme Warfare Revenge] TNA 2010 - Episode 1 "I'm Back", time: 45:15
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