The beginning of times amorphis

Biografia. Nel Jan Rechberger e Esa Holopainen suonavano in una speed thrash metal band, i Violent Solution che, l'anno precedente Tomi Koivusaari aveva abbandonato per formare il gruppo death metal rouwverzen.nete l'evoluzione musicale dei Violent Solution, Jan Rechberger e Esa Holopainen si rendono conto di voler cambiare radicalmente lo stile sonoro del loro gruppo e decidono di. Amorphis é uma banda que mescla metal progressivo, folk metal e death metal da Finlândia formada por Jan Rechberger, Tomi Koivusaari e Esa Holopainen em [3] No início da carreira a banda era de death metal, apesar de ainda utilizar vocais guturais em algumas músicas. The late 70's disco was all but dead and albums like Thin Lizzy's "Live & Dangerous" and Boston's "Don't Look Back" were gracing my turntable. (and of course Aerosmith's "Night in the Ruts") This is also about the time I discovered, what is now refered to as "true metal" or "classic heavy metal". Through the next decades, metal adapted itself to the times and it would never completely.

The beginning of times amorphis

Amorphis wurde im Herbst von Jan „Snoopy“ Rechberger, Esa Holopainen, Tomi Koivusaari und Olli-Pekka Laine gegründet. Die drei Erstgenannten hatten Ende der er zusammen in der Speed-Metal-Band Violent Solution gespielt, die sich jedoch im Laufe des Jahres aufgelöst hatte. Koivusaari war seit außerdem Mitglied in der Death-Metal-Band Abhorrence gewesen. Amorphis, que deriva de "amorfo" —deforme, sin forma determinada—, es una banda de metal finlandesa con un estilo propio creada por Jan Rechberger y Esa Holopainen en Helsinki en Inicialmente fue una banda de death metal y luego marcó su propio estilo con dos discos de tendencia doom metal (Tales from the Thousand Lakes y Elegy), pero con el tiempo evolucionó a un estilo . All images © Travis Smith and/or their respective owner(s). All Rights Reserved.

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AMORPHIS - PART 1 - The Beginning of Times - Album Trailer, time: 5:11
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