Tf2 guard dog game

On video game news and reviews forums, a member created a fake new update for Team Fortress 2 yesterday which would include ‘Guard Dogs’. After this post, TF2 fans all over the world went crazy and actually wanted more from these Guard Dogs with rockets on their back, soooo. Valve have made some comments and a letter back to the developers. Guard Dog Update, a fan-made update for the unofficial class, the Guard Dog. The Highland Hound, a Halloween set for the Demoman. Hair of the Dog, a cosmetic Halloween costume item for the Demoman. Pickled Paws, a cosmetic Halloween costume item for the Demoman. Scottish Snarl, a cosmetic Halloween costume item for the Demoman. Team Fortress 2 - The Guard Dog Update.

Tf2 guard dog game

Sep 21,  · TF2 10th Class Guard Dog crazypcgamers. Loading Unsubscribe from crazypcgamers? Game Team Fortress 2; ; Explore in YouTube Gaming; Category Gaming; Suggested by UMG. There was recently an update posted by saying that there would be a 10th class added to the game. Guard Dog. After much skepticism about this class a few people and I are convinced that there is no other class that would fit in this game better then this dog. He is a fast support class that can benefit the team greatly if given the chance. Team Fortress 2 - The Guard Dog Update.

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TF2: The problematic 10th class [Commentary], time: 9:40
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