Delete dataset in data stage

I just want to delete the datasets using unix shell script. Also want to view particular record in dataset thru unix. This is possible thru orchestrate command (ORCHADMIN). May 17,  · Data Sets sometimes take up too much disk space. This blog describes how to obtain information about datasets and how to delete them. Data sets can be managed using the Data Set Management tool, invoked from the Tools > Data Set Management menu option within DataStage Designer. Alternatively, the ‘orchadmin’ command line program can be used to perform the same tasks. Brajesh Singh Bhadoriya. Orchasmin utility in Unix 2. Dataset management tool To use Orchadmin in unix, one has to set environment for DataStage by setting following environment variables: 1. PATH 2. LIBPATH 3. DSHOME 4. APT_ORCHHOME 5. APT_CONFIG_FILE After doing this, one can use orchadmin rm dataset name with extension> to delete dataset.

Delete dataset in data stage

Click the Delete icon on the tool bar to delete the current data set. You will be asked to confirm the deletion. Note: You cannot use the UNIX rm command to delete a data set because InfoSphere® DataStage® represents a single data set with multiple files. Dec 25,  · Data set is a parallel processing Stage which is used for staging the data, when we design dependent jobs (That is Transformation jobs are dependent on extraction jobs. And loading jobs are dependent on Transformation jobs).4/5. How to cleanup old Datasets in DataStage automatically. Often you need to delete old logs periodically in order to save disk space. But especially in DataStage, which lacks automatic datasets cleanup is handy to delete old datasets. These may originate from your DataStage Dataset stages, or as a temporary resource from Lookup stage and others.

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Parallelism & Partitioning Techniques : Video 7 (HD), time: 50:11
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