Right click save as in firefox

Dec 01,  · Go to the website that you want to save the image from. Now right click on an empty space there. Click on Inspect option from the menu that gets expanded out. The alternate option to open the Developer Tools window is pressing the keys Ctrl+Shift+I together. A Author: Codergirl. Is there a keyboard shortcut for “save link as” in firefox or chrome? I'm tired of right-clicking. Can I do a "Save Link As" by holding a keyboard button and clicking the link? firefox shortcut-keys chromium. share You can restore the old Alt-click "Save Link As" functionality in Firefox: Open a new tab in Firefox. In the Firefox. Apr 22,  · How to Disable "No Right Click" Scripts in Firefox. Have you ever gone to a website where you try to right-click and it doesn't work? If you still want to right-click, your browser can display the context menu but the website just tells it Views: K.

Right click save as in firefox

Apr 02,  · Right-Click > Save Image As does not work for me 99% of the time. As if by fluke, every once in a while it will work. Cannot reproduce this. Does anybody know a way I can automate the right click and save as actions for IE, Chrome and Firefox? I am doing some selenium work using Maven and need to be able to download some files but I am unable to do this as the save as windows cannot (to my knowledge) be automated by Selenium as they are OS dialogs. I used to be able to press Alt, left click and save but that no longer seems to be the case with firefox 13, why has it been disabled? It was a great way to selectively and quickly save images rather than right click, click save as, have the save dialog appear and then eventually have the file saved.

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Download Protected Images from Browser when Right-Click "Save image As" is Disabled, time: 1:31
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