Dsl technology ppt s

DSL is a digital broadband transmission technology that involves sending digital information over a subscriber's telephone line, also referred to as the local loop. The acronym DSL stands for digital subscriber line. The applications of DSL involve the transport of high-speed data, voice and recently video, to residential and business subscribers. Jul 26,  · Download Presentation DSL Technology An Image/Link below is provided (as is) to download presentation. Download Policy: Content on the Website is provided to you AS IS for your information and personal use and may not be sold / licensed / shared on other websites without getting consent from its rouwverzen.net: Jenna. Concord Communications – Introduction to DSL Technology Õ 7 Ö Unidirectional DSL (UDSL). UDSL is a unidirectional version of HDSL. Very high data rate DSL (VDSL) was designed for situations where optical fiber connections are nearby and the copper cable is .

Dsl technology ppt s

DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) high-speed internet service for homes and businesses competes in many areas of the country with cable and other types of broadband internet services. DSL delivers a broadband network using a copper phone line. Most types of DSL service are asymmetric. All types of DSL internet service can be categorized as either asymmetric or symmetric. Oct 26,  · A seminar presentation on dsl 1. PRESENTED BY- ANANT PRATAP SINGH Ec. 3rd Yr. 2. • INTRODUCTION OF DSL TECHNOLOGY • GENERAL MODEM FOR DSL CONNECTION • BASIC TECHNOLOGY(OPERATION) • TYPES OF DSL TECHNOLOGY • DSL VS CABLE • ADVANTAGES OF DSL • APPLICATION • REFERENCE DSL technology provides high-speed, broadband network. Aug 06,  · ppt on dsl technology. download. dsl technology presentation transcript: 1. advantages of dsl: dsl is always on,24 hrs a day no dial-up required data security no second phone line required use the phone at the same time you are on-line no dropped connections supper fast speeds cost effective 2. dial-up mode of internet access.

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Cable Internet vs. DSL Internet, time: 5:21
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